Sunday, June 10, 2018

Truly Tasteless Google Paid Ads

While searching for the article I saw in TIME magazine mentioned in the post above, I, like most search engine users, went to Mr. Google for help. Typing in part of the article's title, I was kind of surprised by the paid ad which popped up. Now, I have seen some really terrible paid ad results, but I must admit that the one I came across takes the absolute cake. Tell me, what exactly do prostitution and MILFs have to do with athletes for hire in the Olympics? Sometime ago, I used Google image search to find a picture to complement a post concerning how ordinary Japanese housewives were buoying the then-popular carry trade (buy New Zealand dollar against Japanese yen to take advantage of the large interest differential favouring the former). Guilessly using "Japanese housewife" brought me many rather pornographic search results. Ours is quite a tasteless age--is Google making it so or is it just a sad reflection of how things really are?

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