Sunday, June 10, 2018

Reserve Your Seat in the Merovingian Freemasonic Empire!

As a Freemason, I was unaware that we are apparently engaged in an effort to re-animate a Merovingian Freemasonic empire in the Middle East, by using terrorist Kurds as pawns of Merovingian Freemasonry, which is determined to eliminate the Aramaeans.

Think of the things you miss when you skip a stated meeting.

In a 7-part (!) article, Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis alleges:

Under the auspices of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge which controls the colonial establishments of France and England, a ´holy alliance´ has been forged between the terrorist "Kurdish" organization PKK (practically speaking a construction of the French secret services) and the ´Assyrianist´ organizations of the Aramaeans. This further endangers the survival of the Aramaean Nation, either the nationally integral and conscious Aramaeans or the disoriented and bamboozled ´Assyrianist ´.

The article is quite, er, lengthy, but asserts that the sectarian and tribal bloodbath across the Middle East is really the result of Freemasons. Those pesky ethnic Kurds are just the quislings of the Anglo-Franco wing of Freemasonry that's trying to keep the world in turmoil so we can reclaim the throne of France, and establish a new Zionist kingdom, based on the Merovingian bloodline, as exposed in that unassailable document, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Somehow that topic got missed during the presidential debate last night. Damn you, Jim Lehrer, for not asking the tough questions.

Not really wanting to dip my toe in tribal hairsplitting and Islamic politics, but the great Saladin who was the Islamic hero of the Crusades who beat back the Christian invaders?

He was a Kurd.

Sunnis and Shiites generally skip over that part.

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