Monday, June 11, 2018

Lewis Masonic Publisher Launches US Website

Lewis Masonic has a proud history of publishing books for Freemasons in Britain for decades, and they have a massive catalogue of titles. Unfortunately, US Freemasons rarely find out about them. Virtually no Masonic magazines in the US accept advertising (The Journal of the Masonic Society and the Knight Templar Magazine are about the only two), they have no distribution in US bookstores, and their presence on can be spotty. As easy as it is to order online, their UK website was off-putting to Americans who scratched their heads figuring the exchange rate and balking at shipping charges.

Brother Martin Faulks at Lewis is now spreading the word of the opening of Lewis Masonic's U.S. website at:

At long last, the company's extensive list is available with US prices, and shipping from a US distributor. Some of their more popular authors include Yasha Beresiner, Harry Carr, Stephen Dafoe, Robert Lomas, Reverend Neville Barker Cryer, Tobias Churton, and many more.

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