Sunday, June 10, 2018

Journal of The Masonic Society No. 1 In Mailboxes Now

It's been madness for the last week around Hodapphäus, but not with anything as mundane as my actual business, which I have completely neglected. The premiere issue of The Journal of The Masonic Society is at last published, printed, bagged, stamped and out the door. As editor, I'm proud of the first one, especially since I shot my mouth off and said I'd do the job before I'd actually attempted to learn how to use Adobe InDesign.

The first issue includes a wide and eclectic range of articles from seasoned veterans of the Masonic publishing world, as well as thoughtful newcomers.

Freemasonry and Sherlock Holmes by S. Brent Morris
Initiation in the Scottish Rite Ritual by Leon Zeldis
The Ceremony of John the Baptist and the Circle of Swords by Jim Hogg
Ethiopia in Freemasonry by Tim Hogan
The Story of the Lost Word and the Power of Myth by John L. Cooper III
An essay by Dan Ellnor, poetry by Owen Lorion, fiction by Martin Faulks and Michael Halleran, plus news from all around the Masonic world, photos of Masonic places and oddities, and more than I can remember right now.

And we're just getting started.

Many, many thanks to the authors, artists, reporters and advertisers who contributed, and to those who are sending work for Issue No. 2. But a special thanks goes to my friend and brother Nathan Brindle who, in spite of the seemingly innocent title of Treasurer, has done the heavy lifting to organize our database, work out postage and mailing issues, rebuild the website, construct new forums, write new signup page code, and a million other duties that no one thought of when we started this venture.

And while I'm at it, many thanks to John Bridegroom, an Indiana Mason and artist who created our unique membership patents. They are truly magnificent and unlike any such document you'll find in any other Masonic group. (But what was I thinking when I said, "Let's put a real wax seal on them!" Several hundreds of them. All by hand. For two solid weeks. There's a reason that's a lost art...)

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