Monday, June 11, 2018

"Freemasons For Dummies" Creates Trouble For Senegal's Prime Minister

According to Blog-Maçonnique, a Belgian blog about Freemasonry, now the Prime Minister of Senegal is being tarred with the same anti-Masonic brush as their president. And apparently the "proof" is in his reading material:

When a former prime minister reads "Freemasonry for Dummies"
Since the president of Senegal was recognized (or "confessed") to have been a Freemason, the web and Sénégalais newspapers do not intervene in this matter.

Browsing Walfadjri one can read an article: Macky Sall: "I will never be a Freemason". Apparently, Macky Sall, Prime Minister, was accused of being a Freemason. He was claimed to have been seen on an airplane reading a book about Freemasonry. The leader emphasized that the work in question, 'Freemasonry for Dummies' is an explanation for those who know nothing of the topic.

He kept repeating that he had "never had relations with Freemasonry or any secret society or cult. I've never been a Freemason, am not, nor ever will be. My one and only way was, is and will always be the belief in Almighty Allah and the precepts laid down by the prophet Mohamed, peace upon him."

La Franc-maçonnerie pour les Nuls (Freemasonry For Dummies) by Philippe Benhamou and Christopher Hodapp (First Version Pocket, 2008) is available at and La Cale Sèche

I do seem to recall a review a few years ago that liked the book but hated the title, and recommended tearing the cover off before you took it on a plane. Mister Sall should have thought of this...

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